Documentary: Bittersweet Farm

The short documentary “The Bittersweet Farm: Bittersweet Future?” takes a look at a small-scale, highly diversified organic farm in upstate New York. The farm has been a work-in-progress for about twenty years now, entirely created and maintained by the farmers Brian and Ann. Both economically and agriculturally, they overwon rough times. Brian and Ann have both college degrees in Art and have a passion for integrating their creativity in the farm work to work sustainably.

While the owners of the farm are optimistic, one big question mark shapes the future. Brian and Ann get older: Ann is in a motorized wheelchair and Brian needs help from volunteers. Their daughter Cat is interested in the environmental work, but as a senior in college she wants to go out first. As the title suggests, this documentary brings up the question of what the future of the so-called Bittersweet Farm will look like.


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