UWC Film Night

1 May

On April 28th, 2015, a new tradition climbed onto the annual event calendar: the first Film Night took place at UWC-USA. Even though the event was put on by the students of UWC-USA’s Filmmaking activity, the night involved many others of the international UWC community. It was a very enjoyable gathering, and appropriate for the time we live in.

Nowadays, film is a widely used medium to entertain, to inform, and to connect. Of course, this includes television and cinema. But as the access to the Internet transcends the access to televisions, film on social media and online networks becomes more and more popular. And UWCers are definitely part of this trend. To share, to communicate, and to show real interest are ideals.

The students in the Filmmaking activity on campus selected 10 films from UWC-USA, one from UWCSEA (in Singapore), one from Atlantic College (in Wales), one from Mahindra College (in India), and one from Pearson College (in Canada). Those 14 films formed a wide variety, including documentary, digital storytelling, fiction, animation, and claymation. It was a compilation with lots of creativity.

At the UWC Film Night, we connected with filmmakers from all UWCs. Now students at other locations have taken similar initiatives. We are very curious about next year’s edition.

This year’s program:

1.Dear Me – Directed by Stella Serger, 2015, UWCUSA, Germany

2. Biculturalism – Directed by Dominique Teoh, UWCAC

3. Mexican Border – Directed by Bar Sapir, 2014, UWCUSA, Israel

4. Las Narices – Directed by Norma Ruiz and Floor Fiers, 2015, UWCUSA, Mexico/The Netherlands

5. Speak up, please! – Storytelling by Chavonne Bowen, 2015, UWCUSA, Barbados

6. Nature – Directed by Naré Harutyunyan, 2015, UWCUSA, Armenia

7. Dirt and Hope – Directed by Andrés Montiel, Lam Quynh Vo and Alvaro Guerra, MUWCI

8. Storytelling by Heather Hong, UWCUSA, Singapore. Directed by Naré Harutyunyan, 2015, UWCUSA, Armenia

9. Sleepless – Directed by Lynn Murphy, UWCSEA

10. Snow Art – Directed by Naré Harutyunyan, 2015, UWC-USA, Armenia

11. Codfish – Storytelling by Dahjuanna Jones, UWCUSA, USA-MI

12. Favourite Spots – Directed by Floor Fiers and Naré Harutyunyan, 2014, UWCUSA, The Netherlands/Armenia

13. Numbers – Directed by Camille Ross-Williams, UWC Pearson

Organizers: Norma Ruiz (Mexico ‘16), Eliza-Theodora Tuta (Romania ‘16), Naré Harutyunyan (Armenia ‘16) and Floor Fiers (the Netherlands ‘15)

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