Personal response from Obama

7 Mar

In many places in the world, human rights are abused. Unfortunately, violence, censorship and abuse is part of everyday-life. Amnesty International is a non-governmental organisation fighting for human rights. At UWC-USA, students in the Amnesty International-group come together to discuss those situations. We express our concerns both about our direct environment, including the situation of the Mexico-USA border, as well as countries further away.

Since the age of nine, I have been involved with Amnesty. From door to door I carried every year a collecting box in the Dutch village I grew up in. The Dutch collection week is this year from the first to the seventh of March, which is this week. Due to my absence, that means my parents take my box.

At UWC-USA I joined, as a matter of course, the Amnesty International extracurricular activity. As international students in the secluded area of the USA, the most effective way of undertaking action is probably to write letters to people in position of power. Subject of those letters are situation, which in our opinion deserve more attention. In the fall, I chose to write a letter to president Barack Obama about education in Palestine. Today I found a response from him in my mail. At this point, I just hope he is a man of his words.


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