Latino Film Festival in Albuquerque

14 Sep

This weekend the Filmmaking ExEd visited the Latino Film Festival, “Cine Magnifico”, in Albuquerque. The group was excited for the movies and to get for a bit off campus. Personally, I think the trip was really useful in different aspects. It provided a stimulating environment to watch and discuss movies and documentaries. Again, it gave the opportunity to practice the Spanish language in relaxed surroundings. Above all, being at the Latino Film Festival was fun for the members of the Filmmaking ExEd, a good kick-off of the year.

The group, who left on Friday the 12th of September, consisted of Bar Sapir (Israel), George Young (UK), Guyon Borgmann (the Netherlands), Ximena Campos (Mexico), Naré Harutyunyan (Armenia), Tu Jianing (China), Stella Serger (Germany), Otto Bridgham (UK) and me, Floor Fiers (the Netherlands). John and Sandra also joined.
In advance of the opening night movie, which was called Ocho Apellidos Vascos or the Spanish Affair, the co-director of the festival came to personally shake our hands. It was an honour to be able to talk to her. The storyline of the first movie taught us about Spanish and Basque culture. It gave a glance into another world.

During the festival, I realised it is good to watch movies in order to discover what you value yourself as a filmmaker. The Latino Film Festival gave us another opportunity to train our eyes and opinions about films, movies and documentaries. Besides, it is useful to talk about the value and importance of a movie.

On the second day, we enjoyed the documentary “Diás de clase”, which was full of beautiful images. The documentary talks about the different aspects of teacher life in Nicaragua, from the copying of tests by hand instead of a copy machine to convincing mothers to let their children go to school. After the screening, there was a discussion with a professor of UNM, University of New Mexico.
All in all, it was an enjoyable, informative and group forming experience.



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