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28 Oct

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After cooking for eight hours today, ironing my waiter’s blouse and collecting clothing for tonight’s party, I feel more or less ready for the European National Day (END). Many weeks ago we started organizing this day. Since last week I have been looking forward to tonight!

END is the day that the other Europeans and I present our culture. All the activities can be divided in four parts: The activities during the week, the dinner, the show, and the party. During the last week a couple of activities took place. Through discussions, a film, and storytelling we tried to show our culture to the other UWC-USA students. The three-course opera-dinner gave them the opportunity to taste the culture and the show consisted of many cultural performances. Besides that, we organized a party with the theme “après-ski”.

For the past couple of weeks, the Europeans of UWC-USA were busy. Almost every evening included an audition, a meeting, or a rehearsal for the show. The decoration of the stage and the dining hall was made, the menu was arranged and the performances were created. Besides lots of stress, it also was lot of fun. I got to know people, their culture and even my own culture more than before.

The only thing I want to say next: Get exited! It is going to be awesome… An archive of show can be followed through the live stream at

Floor Fiers, Montezuma (USA)

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