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26 Sep

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After a week of guessing, the first-years got to know their date on the 21st of September. The annual event “Buddy Dance” took place at UWC-USA. Our reporter, Firstie Floor, writes about her experience below.

First of all, I like to explain what Buddy Dance is. Two weeks before the actual event a second-year is coupled with a first-year. At that moment a friendship as buddies is created. The second-year buddy keeps his buddy as a secret until the date. He provokes curiosity by leaving notes and little presents for his first-year buddy.

Saturday 14th of September, 9.34pm

Together with some friends I am lying on the couch in the dayroom of my house. The dayroom is my favorite place to hang out. On a certain moment one of my second-years enters, holding a blue paper. A smile covers her face. “Floor, I have a note from your buddy”. Immediately, a smile covers my face as well. I grab the paper out of her hands full of excitement. The moment that I’m going to meet him is still a week ahead.

Saturday 21th of September, 7.02am

Rrrring. Suddenly, I am awake. My hand moves in a slow tempo to my alarm clock. My head still feels like sleeping, but I jump out of bed. Today will be an amazing day full of fun. After a cold shower I am ready for a day hike, followed by the Buddy Dance. In my body I feel tension: This will be an awesome day!

Saturday 21th of September, 6.24pm

Two of my friends and I are eating in the cafeteria. Full of enthusiasm I tell them about the wonderful hike I did today. Hermit’s Peak in the Rocky Mountains is the place I visited. Abruptly the conversation topic changes, when I mention my thoughts about my buddy.

A lot of questions arise out of the excitement, which is tangible at our table. “Do you know my buddy? I am so curious”, “Did he leave you a note?”, “Where do I have to go tonight?”, “At what time is the Buddy Dance?”. A second-year interrupts us with news. My friend found a note from her buddy in her room. I have to control myself to not go running to her room immediately.

But my enthusiasm is uncontrollable. I run towards another second year. Before I can ask her about my buddy, she informs me about the note from my buddy. I take the hands of my friends and start running. While yelling and screaming we run to my room. On my desk I find a note: My buddy will pick me up around 10pm in my room. Enjoyment, excitement and cheer is what I feel at that moment, the Yes-feeling!

Saturday 21th of September, 10.02pm

The knocking on my door shocked me. “Come in”, my voice includes a nervous vibration. My door opens and a handsome man in suit asks me to follow him. Behind the sunglasses I recognize Fred, my second-year from Ghana. He brings me to a house, where Yuta (second-year, Japan) and Sara (first-year, Palestine) are waiting. Yuta turns out to be my buddy and Fred is Sara’s buddy. We enjoy a good conversation and an amazing Japanese and Ghanaian meal.

During the dinner I feel a friendship growing, which Yuta offers me for the coming year. I am grateful to all those lovely second-years, who reached out their hand.

Montezuma (NM, USA), 21th of September 2013


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